Sunday, March 14, 2010

Soordas: mero man kahan anat sukh paave

Various textual-versions of this bhajan exist. The difference is not that vast though, just few letters here and there. This is not uncommon, especially in bhajans of hindustani poets. Afer all its an oral-tradition.

The one I recall is "jaise jahaj ka panchi udi udi. phir jahaaj pe aawave". Here is one, with text from kavitakosh and sung by deepender deepak

मेरो मन अनत कहाँ सुख पावै।
जैसे उड़ि जहाज की पंछी, फिरि जहाज पै आवै॥
कमल-नैन को छाँड़ि महातम, और देव को ध्यावै।
परम गंग को छाँड़ि पियासो, दुरमति कूप खनावै॥
जिहिं मधुकर अंबुज-रस चाख्यो, क्यों करील-फल भावै।
'सूरदास' प्रभु कामधेनु तजि, छेरी कौन दुहावै॥

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AGNEE said...

Hi Ashutosh,

Thanks for the Hindi font of the poem. I have an exam tomorrow with the same poem an my Univ. study material doesn't have the actual poem.

You are a life saver! So thanks a million tons!