Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kaushalyache vinato shele

It has been 3 days now and I have been listening to this marathi bhajan, day in and day out. Last night I was taking help of my marathi friends to get it translated(thanks amit, mandar). The whole exercise ran into late night. Little did I know, that the coming day, will be Ram Navmi. And then when I woke up to see chat messages of my friends stating happy ramnavmi, a big Aha happened.

So here is that beautiful Marathi bhajan. The bhajan describes how effortless-action happens when surrender flowers in a being. The energy flow is so spontaneous and conflict-free that to a doer(bhakta) it appears as if work happens by itself. Here the bhajan takes the example of Kabir(who was a weaver) and how Rama himself wove the cloth for him. It could also mean sense non-doership. Later bhajan takes a mystical turn, and I dont want to talk abt that now. For pointers on that see here. I have put up the text and its english-translation.

कबिराचे विणतो शेले, कौसल्येचा राम
भाबड्या या भक्तासाठी, देव करी काम !
Kaushalya's Rama, weaves cloth for Kabir
For an artless devotee(bhakta), divine performs action.

एक एकतारी हाती, भक्त गाई गीत
एक एक धागा जोडी, जानकिचा नाथ
With an ektara(one stringed instrument) in hands, the devotee sings
And, Janaki's lord weaves one thread into another(weaves cloth)
राजा घनःश्याम !
Ghanshyam the ruler

दास रामनामी रंगे, राम होइ दास
एक एक धागा गुंते, रूप ये पटास
the servant(devotee) has been hued with/by Rama's name and Rama has become servant (he is doing his servants job!)
one by one, one thread after another, this cloth takes shape
राजा घनःश्याम !
Ghanshyam the ruler

विणुन सर्व झाला शेला, पूर्ण होइ काम
ठायि ठायि शेल्यावरती, दिसे रामनाम
Having woven in its entirety, the job accomplished
every-where on the cloth I see the name of rama(Rama wove it after all! so he left his mark :-) )
राजा घनःश्याम !
Ghanshyam the ruler

हळु हळु उघडी डोळे, पाहि तो कबीर
विणूनिया शेला गेला, सखा रघुवीर
Kabir opens his eyes slowly and slowly
(and finds that)Rama the friend, left after weaving the cloth
कुठे म्हणे राम ?
where is Rama ?
---------गीत-ग. दि. माडगूळकर
संगीत-पु. ल. देशपांडे
स्वर-माणिक वर्मा
चित्रपट-देव पावला (१९५०)
राग-यमन (नादवेध

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