Wednesday, October 31, 2007

God vs Idea of God

In a recent discussion some of my friends(?) were ready to push each other off the roof in order to deduce the existence of God. I realized how shallow we can become, trying to prove our mean arguments, especially about things which we ourselves have no solid understanding of!

Understand that whether god is or god is not, the “idea of god” is a social creation and its an abstract idea. Quite unlike other abstract ideas of Love Silence Beauty which you might experience and you might need to survive happily, you can very well survive on this planet without knowing or understanding the idea of God. Now since this idea is social creation much like any other social construct it has its own ideological support in the society. You might be in favour of this God ideology, a theist or you might be opposed to this God ideology, an atheist.

Both stands are socially programmed and determined. If you subscribe to the belief system to the attributes and the image of god as conceived by some scriptures seers or past prophets you have your own tension. If you don’t accept this image you have your own tension.

So god as an ideology is a mental concept and a belief system and much like any mental concept it can be challenged or defended and is subjected to normal argumentative logic. Both sides then will have their own logics for and against god.

In my understanding both stands have their own validity. It depends on the quality of your consciousness, the depth of your understanding and purity of your purpose.

If you are a Nagarjuna If you are a Mahavira If you are a Brihaspati If you are a UG Krishnamurthy If you are Ramana Mahrishi then God doesn’t exist and this emptiness this Shoonya is your experience. If you are Tulasidas If you are a Thyagaraja If you are a Meera If you are a Rama Krishna then god exists and this completeness this Poorna is your experience.

The catch is experience and experiential understanding of the higher reality which is beyond our current limited perception and experience. The expression of Meera might not be the expression the Mahaveera. To Meera ecstasy is the fulfillment she gets losing her self in the Krishna Identity. To Mahaveera ecstasy is the fulfillment he gets in losing himself in the void of his own inner silence. This or that, it is the state of god, the zone of fulfillment which is paramount and central and not the idea of god.

The idea of god is subject to your petty logic and your petty understanding and you can play your dirty tricks there, prove or disprove him. Win arguments and prove your superiority and your intellectual prowess and impress people. The state of God however is the precious gift which lies concealed in your very silence which humans cannot prove or disprove for when the expression dissolves it begins to happen.

Ignore the people who are trying to prove or disprove understand they have their own axe to grind and only harm happens when you gift your head to their axe. They are window shoppers who have no business in buying the gift of god which existence can offer to them in this body. They are just here to have entertainment and time pass and are contented, fiddling with the ideas of God intellectually throwing their weight around. Neither have their eyes known any tears for God nor have they spent nights in deep silence grappling with questions related to questioning the idea of Divinity (or their own identity).

Seeking is absent in them and nor are they empty, they are filled with their second hand prejudices which they picked up from some stale books or stale thought warehouses or stale minds.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007


nAdalOluDai brahmAnandamondavE -- Thyagaraja
Being immersed in the eternal sound vibration, experience supreme bliss

An interesting article on how yogis view Sound.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Having seen Ganga in its mountain phase, in its enchanting rupaas and felt its energetic presence my loyalites had always been with Jhanavai until i went to Gujarat.The land of jai shri krishna. Soon stutimandal came into existence and a beautiful stuti was discovered. Yamunashtakam by Shankara. Who else!

A true poetic beauty made me wonder if I ignored the younger sister of Ganga.
Ganga and Yamnua both complement each other. Ganga, white & majestic, adorns the head of the Karpoor Gauram mostly calm and composed Shiva. Yamuna dark and playful no wonder, enjoys Krishnas company. If Yamuna is the Pingala Ganga would be the Ida of the annamaya kosha.

While ransacking youtube for audio of the amazing stuti.
I also found that lands of Cauvery, Krishna and Godavari also miss Yamuna !

Here is one gem by Ghantashala and one by Ilaiyaraaja.

The Ghantashala one is much more moving. And I should also not ignore my West Indian influence so enjoy this famous famous bhajan too by Oza ji.

To Ganga and Yamuna for gushing open the saraswati within :)

Quiz: guess the chhanda of Yamunashtakam :)