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Ashtavakra Gita: Part 5

Chapter 11 and 12, of Ashtavarka gita. Chapter 11 are Ashtavakra's words. Chapter 12 is Janaka. Once again selected slokas.

11.3  Statisfied, swasthya actually means health, I think Ashtavakra means enegized senses, or senses having vitality ( तृप्तः स्वस्थेन्द्रियो ). Once again this is connected to Bhuta Shuddhi
11.4  Dukha or suffering arises from thinking :) (चिन्तया जायते दुःखं)
11.7  I alone exist every-where, this is interesting, I need to expound on this sometime. In short this is end of duality of one's experinces but really it is much more in terms of perception.
11.8  World doesnt exist, now correlate this with 11.7 if I alone exist, is there any room for the world to exist ? naah :P not for ashtvakra atleast :P
12.2  Is poorly translated, though its sort of ok.  Janka here is telling about how he has gone beyond words(thinking is language). 
12.6 This one is beauty
12.7 Is also beauty :)
12.9 I just put that for sake of completion of this chapter

आपदः संपदः काले दैवादेवेति निश्चयी।
तृप्तः स्वस्थेन्द्रियो नित्यं न वान्छति न शोचति॥११- ३॥

Realising that misfortune and fortune come in their own time from fortune, one is contented, one's senses under control, and does not like or dislike. 11.3

चिन्तया जायते दुःखं नान्यथेहेति निश्चयी।
तया हीनः सुखी शान्तः सर्वत्र गलितस्पृहः॥११- ५॥

Realising that suffering arises from nothing other than thought, dropping all desires one rids oneself of it, and is happy and at peace everywhere. 11.5

आब्रह्मस्तंबपर्यन्तं अहमेवेति निश्चयी।
निर्विकल्पः शुचिः शान्तः प्राप्ताप्राप्तविनिर्वृतः॥११- ७॥

Realising, "I alone exist, from Brahma down to the last clump of grass," one becomes free from uncertainty, pure, at peace, and unconcerned about what has been attained or not. 11.7

नाश्चर्यमिदं विश्वं न किंचिदिति निश्चयी।
निर्वासनः स्फूर्तिमात्रो न किंचिदिव शाम्यति॥११- ८॥

Realising that all this varied and wonderful world is nothing, one becomes pure receptivity, free from inclinations, and as if nothing existed, one finds peace. 11.8

 प्रीत्यभावेन शब्दादेरदृश्यत्वेन चात्मनः।
विक्षेपैकाग्रहृदय एवमेवाहमास्थितः॥१२- २॥
In the absence of delight in sound and the other senses, and by the fact that I am myself not an object of the senses, my mind is focused and free from distraction -- which is why I am now established. 12.2

कर्मानुष्ठानमज्ञानाद् यथैवोपरमस्तथा।
बुध्वा सम्यगिदं तत्त्वं एवमेवाहमास्थितः॥१२- ६॥
Just as the performance of actions is due to ignorance, so their abandonment is too. By fully recognising this truth, I am now established. 12.6

अचिंत्यं चिंत्यमानोऽपि चिन्तारूपं भजत्यसौ।
त्यक्त्वा तद्भावनं तस्माद् एवमेवाहमास्थितः॥१२- ७॥

Trying to think the unthinkable, is doing something unnatural to thought. Abandoning such a practice therefore, I am now established. 12.7

एवमेव कृतं येन स कृतार्थो भवेदसौ।
एवमेव स्वभावो यः स कृतार्थो भवेदसौ॥१२- ८॥

He who has achieved this has achieved the goal of life. He who is of such a nature has done what has to be done. 12.8

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