Saturday, April 23, 2011


It has been said umpteen times by me that if we were to find someone who matched Shankara in terms of intellect, impact and clarity of expression it would be Gyaneshwar( Dnyaneshwar) . Yes Abhinavgupta and Ramanuja were great too and perhaps in lot of ways greater but I think you got what I am got trying to put accross.

We have in the past delved into Gyaneshwar's greatness here and especially his lesser known work i.e. Amritanubhav. I remember reading it verse by verse to Nari, who was totally blown by it!(yaad aaya Nari?)
 I hope one day, I delve more deeply into Dnyaneswari and read it cover to cover.

There are also some peculiar similarities which both of them(Shankara and Gyanoba), share i.e. early flowering, early demise, castigation by the orthodox brahmins, great transcendental as well as devotional works and of-course a GREAT fan-club, which survives down to the present day. Here is a small excerpt from Dnyaneshwari.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shri Vidyabhusana - 2

Another beautiful Bhajan by Vidyabhushanaji

Shri Vidyabhusana

After a long time, I have heard something like this! Incredible. Shri Vidyabhushana is just amazing!

And of-course also sample this,

A question: Why is sundarkand called sundarkand ?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Vrindavani sarang

Was trying to find a composition in vrindavani sarang and found this gem. Surdas bhajan in Brindavani sarang sung by Purshottam Jalota(f/o Anup jalota).  Lyrics are in the comment section of this Youtube video. It recounts the oft potrayed episode,Uddhav with Gopikas.

One line struck me "nahi chaiyat yeh jap tap hamko, har dam tum dam sadho" Vipasana by Gopis..right? :D And now compare this with kabir, "ram nam  ki khoonti daali, nabh mein dala pantha, chadhte uthte dam ki khabar le, phir nahi aana banta".