Saturday, April 04, 2009

Yoga Vashishta Maharamayana

The true book which gives us a picture of Rama's mind and his attitude towards life is Yoga Vashishta. I often wonder why Rama's battle with Ravana(Ramayana) became more famous than Rama's battle with his own spiritual insufficiency(yoga vashishta).

Perhaps this is the nature of mind, it always believes that changing the outer world will give itself satisfaction in the inner world.

The first chapter is "Vairagya Parakaran". It elucidates how dispassion has flowered in Rama. King Dashratha, understandably upset at this self-abnegation by a young prince of 15 years, consults seer Valmiki , who pronounces...

Valmiki: This madness of the Raghu prince
is not from bad luck, nor from lust:
it is his Waking to the dawn
of his Discerning Dispassion

Bring Rama here at once, and we
at once will lead him out of this
delusion, as the winds disperse
a cloud upon a mountain-top.

He will become the Great Suchness,
knowing this Samsara Universe,
with neither happy days nor sad:
pebbles and diamonds the same

In fact the authority with which Rama speaks, he sounds like a Rishi in his own right. He talks about nature of mind, the inability of finding peace through sense fulfillments, his own dispassion towards enjoyment of all kinds.

He says he doesnt want to live, nor does he want to die and wonders what will he do with his kingdom and pleasure objects when the desire to enjoy them is absent in him. He continues to shed enough light on states of Jivan Muktaa's and it seems, these tendencies of Jivan Muktaa's serve as an aspirational drive for Rama.

In one of his final statements, he almost breaks down saying, he has given up everything but still hasnt attained realization. Then suddenly pleads Vashishta to lead him to THAT.

Rama: In the mentations of the Mind, out of the Suchness, the Three Worlds are born. Somewhere, there's no distress without a remedy. Sir, tell
me where is that wonderful place?

Otherwise, Brahmana, if you, knowing and realizing some
precept, decline to teach me what you know, and tell me nothing, then,
since I cannot know it alone, that unsurpassed, that restful peace,
I must now give up this my "I", the Ahamkara EgoSense

I will no longer eat, I will not drink water, I will not put
on new clothes, and I will not attend to my religious duties:
no more sacred bathing, no more food-offerings, none of those things.
No more activity for me, lucky or tenfold-unlucky!

I will try to continue on YV from now on.
1. verses have been taken from Yoga vashishta google group.
2. Thanks Nari as always :)