Saturday, May 31, 2008

UG Speaks-2

The mystical experience,is within the framework of the knowledge.
and that I consider,its a very petty little experience. You experience what you know, that does not, in anyway free you from the knowledge you have acquired. So you are still you see, caught up in this idea, and you owe everything to the one who that has helped u to experience this thing, you are still dependent on that, you have not actually freed yourself from that, thats why i call it mystical experience.

That itself is an extraordinary thing, because it awakens some sort of an intelligence there in you. And from then on, you look at everything differently you experience the same old things, in different thing in a different way and try to share that experience with somebody else or you interpret the texts you see, in a different way, in a more meaningful and in a more expressive way.

But I said to myself, that this has nothing to do with what I have been interested in, this is a petty little experience and then when you still continue and try to go beyond, you have no way of going beyond that mystical experience because that has a strangle hold on you exactly way the other experience had strangle hold on you.

There is no way you can get out of that trap, because that becomes more important to you, because it is your own experience what you consider to be the experience of others has becomes your own experience and that you see throttles and chokes you all the time and the struggles to get out of it is more difficult than what it was before.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Love emotion

इश्क एक तरफा में यूं मसरूर हो जाऊँगा मैं
राम तुम होगे शमा काफूर हो जाऊँगा मैं

मैं तुम्हे देखूं तो देखूं, तुम न मुझको देखना
तुने गर देखा मुझे, मशहूर हो जाऊँगा मैं

मैं तुम्हे चाहूँ तो चाहूँ, तुम न मुझको चाहना
तुने गर चाहा मुझे, मगरूर हो जाऊँगा मैं

मैं अगर मांगू कभी तो, कुछ न देना तुम मुझे
वरना फिर प्रेमी नहीं मजदूर हो जाऊँगा मैं

-स्वामी राम

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kabir Bhajan

Who can say this better than Kabir :)

हम हैं इश्क मस्ताना
की हमको होशियारी क्या!
रहें आजाद इस जग में
हमको दुनिया से यारी क्या !

जो बिछुड़े हैं, पियारे से
भटकते, डर बदर फिरते
हमारा यार है हममे
तो हमको इतेजारी क्या ?

ना पल बिछुड़े पीया हमसे
ना हम बिछुड़े पियारे से
उन्ही से नेह लागा है
हमको बेकरारी क्या !!

कबीरा इश्क का माता
दुविधा दूर कर दिल से
जो चलना राह नाज़ुक है
हमें सर बोझ भारी क्या!

Kind regards and thanks to kabaadkahana people for putting this up !

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thinking it through

Thinking creates the illusion of thinker.
When there is no thinker, there is no thinking
Thinker is the thinking.

By thinking thinker cant end, by thinking, thinking cant end.

To think or not to think, that is not the question.
Thinking cant lead you to this.

Think it over.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tere Ishq Nachaya: Bulle Shah

The beauty of traditions in India is, that almost everything becomes a pursuit to transcend. Art architecture music poetry drama dance have all become prayers of the prayerfulls.

This deep absorbtion in creation and celebration, rooted in limitless joy(worship) still continues to enchant us and give us moments of deep withdrawal and ecstasy, perhaps not as much as their creators felt but none the less rife!

These emissaries of joy are the real harbingers of the Indian tradition, they point again and again that the true pursuit is not in getting, but in letting go. Such has been their impact that they continue to live through their words, their songs, their prayers, their teachings, to all those who can lend their ears to them.

Sufism is a great example of the seam less convergence of Bhakti Advaita and Indo Islamic principles. Sufi mystics with the strength of their own inner experience shook the foundations of orthodoxy and espoused the message of harmony.

Most of this tradition's activity was in Punjab and Afganistan. A great master named Bulle Shah composed several beautiful verses in his ecstasy. One such is tere ishq nachaya.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

End Game

Death doesnt come
Life doesnt happen

Sunday, May 11, 2008


One plus One is two
You and Me
When there is no "Me" ?
Is there any "You" ?

When I become
You also come
This being of me
is, "IT","You", "He".

When this is true,
There is no me!
nor there is you
then this question, asketh who ?

When there is none
then we are one
But in that one-ness
one is none

How then that none
becometh one ?
and in that one
then two is spun !

Then You are None
and You are One
and You are two
and thats the fun

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Marriage Bondage

An engagement too long
is an expectation too much
Unfulfilled, Empty, Blank

Joy it is
of presence and discovery
But attention always
is on the culmination

A seed sown
watered with tears,
has sprouted,
but awaits flowering

Freedom hurts!
This knowledge is ignorance
This bondage is liberation