Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kabir and kumar gandharva

Here is a beautiful documentry on Kabir and kumar gandharva. It presents kabir as a living tradition in north india. Documentry also sheds good light on how our favoraite singer kumarji opened himself to the world of Nirguan nirakaar. The adversities he faced in life found a natural orifice in the sublime depth of kabir's words.

Its a must watch! Suddenly it reminds me of the book I had read recently, "bend in the sarayu" and author's accounts of encountering the rustic india, the mystical india, the india which creates, the unread-scholars, the de-sanskritized poets etc. etc. I want to watch a similar movie or film on Vemana. Any clue you can give me? Nari? Ramaji ? 

Find the link here

thanks so much... uttara for this.


Chandrahasa said...

there is a old telugu movie on vemana...the films name is vemana as well..charecter is played by nagiaiah and he is the director of it as well i think...he made another movie about thyagiah...quite good ....

I said...

Thanks so much, Will try to watch this. Thyaggiah is also on my must watch list. thanks


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