Sunday, January 27, 2008


what should I do?
To finish this
and be through

Let me die a death
before I turn dead

So that i wake into life
while i am alive

and be born anew
a new birth

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

UG speaks

All the questions are born out of the answers you already have.
If you dont have any answers, there are no questions. As I very often emphasize, over emphasize this,You are not interested in answers at all. I am not giving any answers at all. No body is giving any answers.

What you are interested in is to get an answer to maintain the continuity of the answers you already have. Other wise there wont be any question answer.

Actually if there is any answer, the answer, puts an end to the questions you are asking. The fact that you are asking questions again and again means that, that is not the answer.

The questioner and question are one and the same. There is no questioner who is asking the questions. So if the question comes to an end, the questioner automatically comes to an end. The questioner is the answer. All the questions are variation of the same question. If one question come to an end the questioner comes to an end. You want to keep the questioner going.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Whats new about new year?

The new and old are both, dimensions of change(time). Since change is movement, hence both are relative, the new is here to become old, the old was once new.

Between the new and the old lies the present and the present is defined by presence. This presence is consciousness. This presence brings in observer. This presence is alive. This presence is the zone where everything happens. This is the only thing which has existential value. Your new year has a social value; it’s a new calendar a new financial milestone, may be, but it has no existential value.

Our awareness unfortunately is never here(present), our awareness is never in sensing , our awareness is mostly in our minds, in thought patterns which are either remembrance(mostly guilt) or future (fear and expectation). That’s how we are missing life. This is a problem and also an opportunity, to see that unchanging self which is the spectator of this new-old drama.

What then you mean is, there is no reason to celebrate New? No reason to party?

Its your choice entirely. To react the way you want. Party or not party. Think why do you want to party? Perhaps we want to escape our emptiness and deep under we are craving for some completeness which we think we can find by putting parts together. That’s party for you, adding human beings together thinking that parts will make full. This search for full, is the search for fulfillment. But it never happens, party’s happen, parts come together but we never feel fulfilled. This is because parts themselves are empty, how can they form a full? Can many zeros be added to get a one?

Nanak says Ek Omkar Satnam. Means just add that one. That one is full. Any incompleteness added to that full is still complete. This is the key to fulfillment. This is the novelty.

While the world celebrates change, I wish you stillness, For Truth is stillness (Sat Sri Akaal-- Truth is time less)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Eternal Thirst

tears roll down the cheeks
onto the parched lips

a thirst of million years
can it be quenched by drinking tears ?

i am near the ocean
Resounding waves tell me

Should i drink or drown ?

Jhoom Le Hans Bol Le Pyaari Agar hai Jindagi

झूम ले हंस बोल ले प्यारी अगर है ज़िंदगी
साँस के बस एक झोंके का सफर है ज़िंदगी

देर ही बनते बिगड़ते कुछ इसे लगती नही
फूल की दीवार पर शबनम का घर है ज़िंदगी

साँस के बस एक झोंके का सफर है ज़िंदगी

अजनबी हालात से भी हँसके मिलना चाहिए
हर कदम पर मुड़ने वाली रह गुज़र है ज़िंदगी

ज़िंदगी में जो भी करना चाहता है कर गुज़र
क्या ख़बर बरसों की है या लम्हा भर है ज़िंदगी

साँस के बस एक झोंके का सफर है ज़िंदगी