Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ramana Speaks -- 3

M: is for Maharishi, taken from Talks with RM complete
Mrs Jennings: Sri Bhagavan says that the state of Realisation is
freedom from the tyranny of thoughts. Have not the thoughts got
a place in the scheme of things - maybe on a lower plane?
M.: The thoughts arise from the ‘I-thought’ which in its turn arises
from the Self. Therefore the Self manifests as ‘I’ and other thoughts.
What does it matter if there are thoughts or no thoughts?
D.: Are good thoughts helpful for Realisation? Are they not authentic
via media, a lower rung of the ladder, to Realisation?
M.: Yes - this way. They keep off bad thoughts. They must themselves
disappear before the state of Realisation.
D.: But are not creative thoughts an aspect of Realisation and therefore
M.: Helpful only in the way said before. They must all disappear in
the Self. Thoughts, good or bad, take you farther and not nearer,
because the Self is more intimate than thoughts. You are Self,
whereas the thoughts are alien to the Self.
D.: So the Self finally absorbs its own creation which had helped its
Realisation. Whereas civilisation wrongly worships and so separates
and ‘short-circuits’ its own creations which had helped its advance.
M.: Are you not distinct from thoughts? Do you not exist without
them? But can the thoughts exist without you?