Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ganga Stuti

Worship is not something which comes naturally to me now. So me writing any thing about devotion will be nothing short of utter stupidity. Still I dont know why when it comes to rivers, I become a pagan and go with the flow and especially, more so,  when that river is Ganga, perhaps the most sacred river in the Indian tradition and a river to which I am karmically connected.

There is something about rivers, which leaves you moved, perhaps it is their movement. Some of you would notice, that 'rasa' is property of 'jala' in samkhya. So naturally then rivers make us rasikas. Ganga also has a mystical angle. Ganga represents the rising of gam(om gam gam ganapataye nama) in Shiva, a rising which took herculean effort and culminated in shiva's head becoming the benevolent opening for it.

Ganga is best enjoyed before she reaches haridwar. So if you are planning a visit, try to visit, Gaumukh, rudraprayag, devaprayag etc and uttarkashi and ofcourse rishikesh. I am sure her energetic turbulence will leave you touched.

Here is Ganga strotam. Find the translation here. First one contains some beautiful pictures of Ganga.

तव तट निकते यस्य निवासः , खलु वैकुंठे तस्य निवासः 
Those who reside on your banks are as privileged as those living in Vaikunta. (from the stuti)

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