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Political relevance of Naipaul's win : a commnet

Rss,Shiv Sena,Bajrang DAL,VHP,& more are all origin from fanatics who like our educated Siddharth ,claim all of India tothemselves merely on basis of there religion.Thay want to equate muslims of other countries with there own country maen,who happen to believe in another religion.
BJP is nothing but changed name of JAn Sangh.To day they are shouting them selves hoarse about Harkat (?) or Jaishe which alaso changed its name to somthing else.
Can he say that Hindu Mahasabha is not the parent organisation of Jan Sangh & BJP.??


Lehar sethi zaidi
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a.My favorite bogeymen are not the sangh parivar.
They are- All fundamentalists, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian alike.

I have the unique distinction of having an Islamic' fatwa' against me and
the title of a 'mleccha'( brahminical term for outcastes) at the same time.
but then I think of the tradition of this wonderful secular country of ours-
Yes, much before,( 5000 years) - the much maligned( in some places rightly so) Congress party (of the last 50 years) ruled or anyone else. Kabir das- the half Hindu half Muslim outcast- like me, Bhikha, Sarmad, Raskhan( the Sufi Krishna bhakt), Baba Nanak and his Hindu Muslim twin arms- Bala the Hindu fan holder and Mardana the Muslim musician( rabab player for His banis) , Mian Mir- the Sufi foundation stone layer of the Golden temple, Dara Shikoh, the translator of the Upanishads into Persian- and loser of
head and life for this Secular belief, Guru Gobind Singh-( Na tu Ram na tu rahim), the 32 Saints in the rural Punjab whose shrines are being looked after by people of 5 different religions, the Vaisnava bhakti singing AMir Khusro ( chhap tilka sab Cheen, Piya mose naina mila- take my tilak/ tike and shringar and look at me Beloved), Bulleh SHah and Sachal Sarmast, the bauls of Bengal.. And many many more....I know that I am not alone. The politics may come and go.. But you cannot divide nations and cultures 5000 years old by 50 years of a separate electorate bill designed by the British (1911) to be precise. and please, do not take the simplistic view that the Congress did what it did- if you recall, they did vote against partition, and Mr Moutbatten and Mr Jinnah's desire many many times. This is a chapter and story in its own right. the lesser said about the diabolical role of the British govt at this time the better- do read the India office papers: 12 volumes, 10,000 pages
of ‘The Transfer of Power between 1942-47’( released by Her Majesty’s govt
in 1972, 25 years after independence) to realize the shocking manipulations which went on. (There were 42 prominent Muslim leaders in support of the Unity of India- of the Indian national congress, compared to 2 against- the Muslim league. Till 1937 the Muslim league only had 1.3% of the entire Muslim vote of the Indian subcontinent) - I have been researching this issue for the last 6 years and from London, San Francisco, to New Delhi. The whole
issue of the Hindu vote and the Muslim vote was started in 1911, under the S. Electorate Bill ,which forced Indians – Hindus to vote for Hindus and Muslims to vote for Muslims. . it is considered as the foundation stone and the ‘concretiser’ of the two nation theory which resulted in the splitting of the Indian subcontinent in 1947. ( the two nation theory was propounded before Mr Jinnah’s opportunistic appropriation of it in the 1930s- by VD Savarkar in his book Hindutva in the 1920s). And please lets not start a
discussion beyond the scope of this list.. These days of course it is fashionable to deride the Mahatma, slag the Congress (all sincere readers of the Indian freedom struggle are pained at the fall- esp, after Indira Gandhi's authoritarian regime- and the immediate
origins of the current decadence lie in it-do read Nayantara’s Sahgal's Rich Like US and Prison and Chocolate cake- for a powerful picture of the Indian National congress’s freedom struggle and the decadence under Mrs., Gandhi- Nayantara and her mother Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit were bitter opponents of Indira Gandhi- believing she had betrayed the principles of the Congress and the Mahatma) and run down the freedom struggle. .. I do wonder where we'd be without it.

Of course no one talks of the cooperation which the right wing and the Mahasabha (along with the Muslim League) gave to British during the struggle. (The Hindu Mahasabha is the parent organization of the so-called 'Hindutva' right wing. (I find it demeaning to Hinduism's grandeur to use this word) so to say its distinct from the RSs is bizarre. Memoirs of the founders of these groups talk of their direct support from fascist Italy and Nazi Germany and their full fledge application of fascist ideas to implement in India. (Documents widely available.) Sorry, but I do and will fight against racism, fundamentalism and yes parties which have Italian women at their helm- not because they are so - but because they once fought for the freedom of the Indian people. And please, don’t say now that they didnt win freedom for us and there were no British coloniserts.. In fact we fear that in a few years’ times it will
be said there was no Mahatma..
( Siniterly this has alreaduy statred as the current campaisn to distort
Indian history books under the right wing govt. they have actually deletd the entire freedom struggle with reference to the mahatma in 1 line and the rest devoted the founding of the RSS)I have been involved in this issue for sometime so I have seen these documents with my own eyes. PS: Do pardon me if this is intensly writen but a few matters required immediate clairification

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