Monday, September 13, 2004



Modernity is a term, which is often used, fashionably juxtaposed (this is modern art!) advantageously dropped (Most Modern Machine), envied (West enjoys modern amenities), cyclically emphasized (DA-IICT is modern, world class), environmentally abhorred (Modern planning has led to degradation.......) and often misunderstood.

Modernity has a spatial and temporal dimension and possibly many others!
In canonical sense we associate modernity with time in a sequential order; with things occurring later acquiring a “modern” tag and at the same time phased out things becoming “outdated” (The “outdated” gramophone and the “modern” CD Player).
It seems that concept of modernity has matrimonial relation with the present. The present is modern!!
We also view modernity as spatial notion where the modern is nothing but the Italian style, Japanese gadget, German engineering, English manners, American Education, Zen meditation.
In my view modern is not current, modern is not contemporary, modern is not latest, modern is not new, modern is not fresh, modern is not up to date, modern is not present, modern is not recent.

Modernity as concept cannot be tied within the tiny shackles of space or time, modernity is eternity. I would term Socrates as modern for he is eternal. Even Vivekananda would qualify as modern, Gita as book and its concepts would again fit in my definition of modern for they are here for ever they are tested on the altar of time, invoked in the past, used in present, and definitively will continue to be valued in future.

I closed all the windows to ward off the evil
but now truth stands knocking at the door
waiting to come in.

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