Thursday, September 16, 2004

Para Puja

what to say about it!!!
is it puja or it is para(beyond) puja
only a divinity herself could have composed it.

we noramlly worship god with 16 upcharas they are

1 (DhyAna &) AvAhana (meditating, inviting & installing )

2 Asana (offering a seat)

3 pAdya (offering water to wash His feet),

4 arghya (offering water to wash His hands),

5 AchamanIya( water to sip & cleanse)

6 AsnAna (bathing)

7 vastra (garments),

8 upavIta(sacred thread)

9 (patra &) uShpa(leaves & flowers), (haridrA-kumkuma &) gandha(turmeric, vermilion powder, sandal wood paste),

10 AbharaNa (alankaraNa) (jewels),

11 naivEdya & tAmbUla(fruits, coconut, eatables & beetle leaves with areca nuts),

12 (managaLa) Arati (waving lighted oil/ghee lamps),

13 pradakShiNa (parikramaNa)

14 namskAra(going round the Deity & salutation),

15. prArthanA (stuti)(prayer)

16. udvAsana (bidding farewell)

sri sankara expresses his helpnessness to do so in state of consciouness
which is logical since u dont talk about the atributes of a person when he is present
in person


pUrNsya-AvAhanam kutra sarvAdArasya cha+Asanam |
svachChasya pAdyam-arghyam cha, shuddhasya+Achamanam kutah || 1 ||

nirmalasya kutah snAnam, vastram vishvOdarasya cha |
nirAlambasya+upavItam, puShpam nirvAsanasya cha || 2 ||

nirlEpasya kuto gandhO, ramyasya+AbharaNam kutah |
nitya-tRaptasya naivEdyas-tAmbUlam cha kutO vibhoh || 3 ||

pradakShiNam hi+anantasya hi+advayasya kutO natih |
vEda-vAkyair-avEdyasya kutah stOtram vidhIyate || 4 ||

svayam prkAshamAnasya kutO nIrAjanam vibhOh |
antar-bahishcha pUrNasya katham udvAsanam bhavEt || 5 ||

Evam-Eva parA-pUjA sarva+avasthAsu sarvadA |
Eka-buddhyA tu dEvEshE vidhEyA brahma-vittamaih || 6 ||

sri mat sankaracharya


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