Monday, February 22, 2010

Yege Yega vitthal bai

Today morning, with bhayyia, I was looking at a stuti i.e. Pandurangashtakam. A euology for Panduranga Vitthala. We were planning to translate it for Stutimandal. While I found the stuti beautiful, I suddenly spotted a phrase, "lasat kundalam". Immediately, I quipped, "plagiarism". The phrase also exists in some other stuti. Pat came the reply, "Sometimes repetition has a purpose, How else will you describe shining ear-ring(kundala) in Bhujanga-Prayat(a meter)?". I took a bow, and gave up :-).

Anyway, while the stuti on Panduranga will be up there soon, we can start singing Vitthal right away! Here is a beautiful Abhang from Sant Janbai. I have also put the lyrics and their translation. This reminds me, that, I have to also translate, the tuka abhang.."tuka aksha che badha" too, some other time, perhaps.

येग येग विठाबाई, माझे पंढरीचे आई ॥१॥
come come Vitthalbai (vitthal described as a women), my mother from pandharipur(the place where vitthal's vigraha is located)
भीमा आणि चंद्रभागा, तुझ्या चरणीच्या गंगा ॥२॥
Bhima and Chandrabhaga(local-rivers), are the Ganga which flow from your feet

इतुक्यासहित त्वां बा यावें, माझे रंगणी नाचावें ॥३॥
Come with these rivers, and make me dance in your glory(actually the word used is रंग, color)
माझा रंग तुझे गुणीं, म्हणे नामयाची जनी ॥४॥
My ecstascy/mood(the word used again is, रंग, color) is due to you, my name is Jani(janbai).

PS: I dont know marathi, I acknowledge the help of my friend Amit for this translation. You rock Amit!. I also thank Parag and Sampada, who have helped me, whenever I needed their help for Marathi. Thanks so much you two!

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