Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tilak Kamod - Neer bharan kaise jaaon?

This is a famous composition in Raag 'Tilak Kamod'. This has been adapted with some instrumental arrangement(western mostly) in a recent Pakistani movie, 'Khuda ke liye'(for the sake of god). I am embedding the same. Its a nice night and beautiful song. It could have been even better had they not used some of the instruments which commence in the later part of the song. Though if you see it in the context of the movie, the instrumental arrangement is not oddly placed. Its in sync with situation and script.

The song describes, Krishna lila. A gopi is expressing her inability in going out for water, since Krishna the 'stalker' wont let her do that.:)

नीर भरन कैसे जाऊं , सखी री मोरी डगर चलत

Incidentally, I had first heard this composition in Shuba Mudgal's voice. Then one friend recommended me to watch this movie, 'kuda ke liye', seeking my opinions on the same. And then when I saw this song, a big Aha happened. I still have that mp3(Shuba Mudgal's), in case anyone of you want that, just comment on this post and I will be happy to send that to you.

Anyway song has been sung well, and the deep male voice adds a very soothing feeling to it. And tilak kamod is a good raga :)


Anonymous said...

hi.... can u send me d shubha version of dis song to kapilart@hotmail.com

I said...

The file it seems is too large for your inbox to handle. Do you have a gmail address ? I got the following error message
Diagnostic-Code: smtp;552 5.2.2 This message is larger than the current system limit or the recipient's mailbox is full. Create a shorter message body or remove attachments and try sending it again.


चंदन कुमार झा said...

oh dear please send me that song at chandanmitra2010@gmail.com


I really liked your blog and now i am a permanent visitor/ subscriber of ur blog. Thanks again.

गुलमोहर का फूल

shubhra said...

hi there,
kindly send me too a copy of d song you mentioned in d female voice.
email id: iitr.shubhra@gmail.com

vijaya said...

pl send me a copy of shubha mudgals neer bharan to kurupvijaya@yahoo.com

Why is this video from the pakistani movie deleted on this blog

vijaya said...

pl send me shobha mudgals neer bharan to kurupvijaya@gmail.com

why is the video in this blog from khuda ke liye deleted can u put it back pl

arpita said...

Could you pelase please send me the shubha mudgal version too? I would be very obliged.. arpitagoswami2007@gmail.com

Thank you so much.. waiting for your mail..

Anonymous said...

gr8 song....can u plz send it 2 vibhanshu_ge@yahoo.com .....eagerly waiting...plz send it ovr....

Anonymous said...

hi could you plz send me the shubha mudgal version.... Thnx in advance


Anonymous said...

Hi! Could you please send me Shubha Mudgal's rendition of Neer Bharan Kaise...? Thank you so much! E-mail: greencheesepack@yahoo.com


Friend Have u heard the version in Coke studio season 6 by Ayesha Omar & Zara Madani.. Muazzam Ali Khan..
Its new style. please comment how did u find it...

Neeraj Joshi said...

Plz send