Saturday, February 27, 2010

Veena Sahasrabuddhe; Raag Chhayanat

Even though of late I listen to more carnatic music, if I have to pick up 1 singer, only 1 singer in Hindustani classical, among the ones who are performing today, I would undoubtedly pick Veena Madame! While youtube stocks zillion records of zillion others, it remains mystery to me why there arent many of Veena madame's records there. She is perhaps the only one today, who has perfected the art of combining skill with the emotive expression. When people tell me, they dont listen to her, they just cry and cry, I can understand why it is so.

So, today morning when ,someone whom I dont know, sent me this youtube link, I was very pleasently surprised. I have this mp3 and have heard this many times, but finding it on youtube is something else. When the music is on the cloud, naturally you are on Cloud no 9. :-)

Here is raag chhayant, a very pleasent raag, my guess is its a derivate of yaman(or atleast the same Thaat). Correct me if I am wrong by commenting on this post.

Thanks TC, my mystery friend, for this.


Anonymous said...

one and only one from hindustani music is veena madam???? very strange chocie indeed!!!
of course in food, music and women every one has his personal choice and others cannot question that. So I am not questioning.

I said...

thanks for your comment :)
who are u ?

Anonymous said...

You are right, Raag Yaman and Chhayanat are from same thaat i.e.Thaat Kalyan.