Tuesday, November 03, 2009


In my childhood one of my fav slokas was,

bhogo na bhukta vayamev bhukta
trishna na jeerna vayamev jeerna

I did not enjoy, I got enjoyed(by age/time)
My thirst(for life) dint die, but I did.

In my childhood, I used it sometimes to admonish elders.Even though I realized what it meant and used this verse to my advantage, little did I realize that some years hence I would connect with this verse like I do today. Coming to terms with desires/expectations/anxiety/restlessness, I always bear this in mind, 'vaymev jeerna'. In the the end there is an end. To me this end is not something I deprecate. On the other hand I feel deeply peaceful that in the end there is an end :).

Much like kabir said,
जा मरने से सब डरें, मेरो मन आनंद
कब मराहिहूँ कब पायिहूँ, पूरण परमानन्द

me not sure abt the last line though :)

btw, the verse is from Bhrithari's vairagya shatak. A great book to read much like his other two works, neeti shatak and shringaar shatak. I also recall a nice story from his life but some other time :-)

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