Monday, November 30, 2009

LS or VS

Strange surprises in life happen.

Today after a lot of time I decided to have some Indian food. The love of sambhar and related stuff suddenly made me take a metro ride. Now in the metro, for no particular reason, I started humming Vishnu Sahasranaam, nothing devotional about it ,just usual humming. I have always had this tussle with bhayyia, on Vishnu and Lalita sahasranaams, bhayyia always maintaining LS is beautiful and me always rooting for VS. I suddenly thought of bhayyia & LS , but kept on with VS.

And lo and behold, the moment I entered the restaurant, they started playing LS! Now which restaurant in this part of world, would want playing LS! Quite a strange thing to start your meal with, "shri mata shri maha..." and end it with, "mooladharaik nilaya brahmagranthi vibhedini".

Ha Ha.

Should translate LS with my comments. Someday perhaps :-)

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baskar said...

Looking forward to the translation.