Saturday, November 07, 2009

Pt. Ramesh Narayan

It is not often that, when you hail you hail from Kerela, grow up in a family of carnatic musicians, you end up singing haweli style mewati gharana. Whats even more rare is the mastery Pt. Ramesh Naryanji has. The moment he opened with that sloka, I could see touches of Jasraj(I would say Jasraj being bettered).

I think Pt. Jasraj will be known in future as much as by his singing as by the great disciples he has given us, Sanjeev Abhayankar and Pt. Ramesh Narayan. I will upload more of his stuff as and when I like it.

To enjoy this you require attention and video has 3 parts, I am uploading just the first one, find the rest :)

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