Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mahabharata Gita Karma

The original name of Mahabharata was "Jaya" as coined by Vyasa. This Jaya, is the original victory after the original fight(Maha Bharata). The original fight is the fight to find your origin. The original fight, is the fight between "you and yours". The fight between "you" and your idea of "you"(yourself).

Your understanding of you is totally based on "your", your language, your nation, your state, your relationships, your name, your job, your family, your body and your mind. In this "your" lies, the mistaken identity confusion. This miss identification then becomes the source of suffering and violence. Interestingly all that you think is yours is transient and changing(chala चल ), but somewhere deep inside you know that, that You is unmoving still(sthita स्थित ) and is the fulcrum around which the whole universe(your life experience) revolves.

In this battle field, the perception and knowledge acquired about perception, clouds the perceiver, it makes him suffer, it thrives on threat and worry. Krishna is the inspiration, he gives you the courage to challenge all you know about you. Repeated inquiry into this leads to dis identification (destruction) of yours. This destruction of knowledge, this destruction of clouded cognition is the battle of battles. When the "I AM" is pitted against all that what you call "mine" mahabharata happens, and naturally there is fear, naturally there is despondency and diffidence, this is because the "I" was mis-identified with "Mine", in this process, the avidya haunts him and makes him feel weak, because he thinks destruction of Mine will destroy I. (arjuna vishaad अर्जुन विषाद )

This battle is every moment, every second. In every cell, in every nerve. In every experience, in every thought, in every cognition.

Post this battle, you see yourself, without the crutches of yours. When the "I" looks at the source of the I and in this process is freed from identification with mine. When your idea of yours and the you as defined by yours changes, the Self emerges from the yourself. Established in this state(sthiti स्थिति ), one becomes sthit pagnya(स्थित प्रज्ञ). All action now coming from inaction is karma-sanyaas(कर्म संन्यास ).

Till your action is centered on yours, till then your action will be frustration, it will be pursual, when the idea of "your" vanishes, all action comes from inaction. Then action has no bondage thus this action is born out of renunciation. This is karma phal parityaga(कर्म फल परित्याग).

This knowledge about the knower destroys(moksha-sanyaasa मोक्ष संन्यास) all knowledge and is the knowledge of all knowledge(राज विद्या).

Om Tat Sat.


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