Saturday, May 31, 2008

UG Speaks-2

The mystical experience,is within the framework of the knowledge.
and that I consider,its a very petty little experience. You experience what you know, that does not, in anyway free you from the knowledge you have acquired. So you are still you see, caught up in this idea, and you owe everything to the one who that has helped u to experience this thing, you are still dependent on that, you have not actually freed yourself from that, thats why i call it mystical experience.

That itself is an extraordinary thing, because it awakens some sort of an intelligence there in you. And from then on, you look at everything differently you experience the same old things, in different thing in a different way and try to share that experience with somebody else or you interpret the texts you see, in a different way, in a more meaningful and in a more expressive way.

But I said to myself, that this has nothing to do with what I have been interested in, this is a petty little experience and then when you still continue and try to go beyond, you have no way of going beyond that mystical experience because that has a strangle hold on you exactly way the other experience had strangle hold on you.

There is no way you can get out of that trap, because that becomes more important to you, because it is your own experience what you consider to be the experience of others has becomes your own experience and that you see throttles and chokes you all the time and the struggles to get out of it is more difficult than what it was before.

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