Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tere Ishq Nachaya: Bulle Shah

The beauty of traditions in India is, that almost everything becomes a pursuit to transcend. Art architecture music poetry drama dance have all become prayers of the prayerfulls.

This deep absorbtion in creation and celebration, rooted in limitless joy(worship) still continues to enchant us and give us moments of deep withdrawal and ecstasy, perhaps not as much as their creators felt but none the less rife!

These emissaries of joy are the real harbingers of the Indian tradition, they point again and again that the true pursuit is not in getting, but in letting go. Such has been their impact that they continue to live through their words, their songs, their prayers, their teachings, to all those who can lend their ears to them.

Sufism is a great example of the seam less convergence of Bhakti Advaita and Indo Islamic principles. Sufi mystics with the strength of their own inner experience shook the foundations of orthodoxy and espoused the message of harmony.

Most of this tradition's activity was in Punjab and Afganistan. A great master named Bulle Shah composed several beautiful verses in his ecstasy. One such is tere ishq nachaya.

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