Monday, April 18, 2005

sankhya coffee

In the six systems of Indian philosophy I am particularly impressed by the ‘sankhya’ marg. Sankya was propounded by Kapil Muni(the same kapil whom Krishna in gita eulogizes and says amongst the devrishis I am narad maong the siddhas I am kapil….)
Sankya is a logical methodology of reaching conclusions on metaphysical subjects.

I present a sankhyified explanation of recent incident.

Amit, I and gabber were on our late night stroll and to kill time we decided to have cup of coffee. No choice comes with a responsibility. Here the responsibility was the plastic cup.
The choice however also leads to further choices and amit and I made the choice of keeping the cup in our hand till we find a suitable place to dispose that off. Gabbar however had a different preference, very Indian as he is, he threw the cup immediately, Amit blasted off: “I did’nt expect this from you”.

Contritely gabber said, I am sorry but there isn’t a waste bin anywhere. To which amit retorted what do u think lies ten steps ahead of you. Gabbar was crestfallen. He shot back with the excuse that the cup was sticky and to hold that stick plastic is nasty and blah blah blah.

I finally cud’nt bear this blabber. Took gabbars side and said you should do what you want to do. Gabbar exploded u mean u support littering?
This was the last thing I meant. I said if that’s what u inferred so be
You identify yourselves with the body so the sticky cup becomes troublesome, if your consciousness grows and you identify yourselves with the campus then the campus will become ur abode and then the sticky cup will no longer be thrown aside but will find its fated place courtesy u.
You should really do what you want to do but first you should find who are you?

‘Kasyam koham kut aaytam
Ka main janani ko main tatam’
-from Bhaj Govindam

Who I am where have I come from
Who is my mother who is my fathere


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