Thursday, April 21, 2005

adrash prem-bacchan

apart from madhushaala for which hari vansh rai bachhan is
bacchan has also composed some very touching poems.
presenting one such piece of beautifull poetry: adarsh prem

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आदर्श प्रेम
प्यार किसी को करना लेकिन
कह्कर उसे बताना क्या
अपने को अर्पण करना पर
और को अपनाना क्या

गुण का ग्राहक बनना लेकिन
गाकर उसे सुनाना क्या
मन के कल्पित भावोँ से
औरोँ को भ्रम मे लाना क्या

ले लेना सुगन्ध सुमनोँ की
तोड उन्हेँ मुरझाना क्या
प्रेम हार पहनाना लेकिन
प्रेम पाश फैलाना क्या
note the last stanza

त्याग अँक मे पले प्रेम शिशु
उनमे स्वार्थ बताना क्या
देकर ह्रिदय ह्रिदय पाने की
आशा व्यर्थ लगाना क्या


Anonymous said...

Love - the word itself is an delusion that cracks not only mind, frankly telling it disrupts the whole functionality of the body, then why to speak particularly about mind. And during such state of body (mind included) if someone comes up with something (like poetry) then I think that is not possible, bcoz that state does not leave anything to publish, anything to reveal, anything to say. It is just one of the state when nothing comes out, everything goes in and in. I mean a lot by "going in" which I can't say in words. So if someone even after that creates something on love then I think it is aftermath process of being in love, so they may not describe the true feeling or the feeling in detail. So when I read any love poem I am a little bit perturbed whether it is delusion or it is just a real feeling. Because words can be decesisive and it may not encircle the whole feeling......
Anyway I liked bachchan's poem.....
I appreciate him because he bore the pain of loosing his first wife whom he loved a lot because of her nature.....

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comments
i really dont know what love is
the word has become a cliche
ppl just talk abt love and there seems
no subtance, no love.

nvertheless the poem is a wonderfull compsotions
more such hindi poems will follow

p.s: do i know u?

Bhaaluu said...

Hi Ashu:

Very nice poem as I already said at my blog.

Love is hard to find these days. One form of love, Love for God, can easily be experienced. Humans fail to come up to our expectations; they are too lost in worldly stuff. Everyone has a set of high ideas but a low life.