Sunday, February 03, 2008


Q:What is moksha?

It is freedom.

Q: Freedom what kind of freedom, freedom from this endless cycle lives?

I cant say about that. In my own way we live many lives in this one life itself. Think about this. Every life situation which occupies you emotionally is a new life in that sense, and you go on entering them, hunting for pleasure, trying to eradicate pain and all this business goes on and on. In the process you accumulate, memories of struggle-pain-joy etc. All these are our multiple lives in this one life.

Freedom then is nothing but freedom from this. Freedom from creating these multiple lives. This realization, that life is not a life situation is Moksha. Your life is not a victim of circumstances. Your life is not a victim of an outer scenario, job, wealth, prestige, relationship, adventure, excitement and all what you think is important. Unfortunately one doesn’t understand this early.

One has his own logic of life and is governed by these life situations, trying to improve on them or running away from them, unless Life (note personification) itself shakes his body and says, Enough ! Your falling hair, your wrinkles, your debilitating health with age, is life’s own way of telling you, Enough! Enough of trying to change life situations. Life situation is not life. But who understands this?

Q: I Do, in a way I do, I realize that there is something beyond all this madness of survival, accumulation, ego and all. But then again I don’t understand some things, I am sure life is not this, then what is Life ?
A: Aah!!, the answer has the question, holding on with your reason and using this method not this, not this not this, has the answer. Just like when u strike out all whats not real, what will remain is real. This is the famed neti neti neti technique.


TheQuark said...

Teach all this to RMS he will forget his GPL and Free Software ;)

I said...

ha ha thanks again for stopping by :)
who is RMS btw ?

and I dont believe in teaching, so many schools, so many universities to teach, what have ppl learnt ?

I think teaching is useless business. All you are interested is in is learning and this has nothing to do with teaching :))


TheQuark said...

RMS is Richard M Stalling founder of FSF (Free Software Foundation) and GNU project.

He gave the definition software should be free. Free not as in free beer but free as freedom of speech

I said...

oh yeah, i know him , the copy left guy :))

ha ha