Friday, November 16, 2007

To me Ramcharitmanas by TualasiDas is not just a book it’s a Life solution.
Tulasi through his simple and terse poetry in a local language (which is pretty much alive today) teaches us how to live and how to handle life situations by remaining rooted in the deeper observant Self. Tulasi from the angle of bhakti also encompasses gyan, vivek and tark if you read his Ramayana deeply.

Needless to say Ramcharitmanas is probably the most popular and ALIVE composition by any Saint in India in my understanding.

Gyan marg or the path of knowledge to divine works by discrimination and is inherently violent and egoisitic in its approach.(even when you use it against your own ego.) Bhakti however is pure surrender and is joyful path full of all rasas and can be embraced easily by simple rural folk.

The beautiful and famous stuti of Tulasidas from his lesser known book Vinaya Patrika. (IIRC he wrote 12 books)

Find the text and translation on Stutimandal.

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