Saturday, November 17, 2007


An intreseting legend tells us about the ready wit of Kalidasa.

The king of SimhDveep(modern sri lanka)came up with this riddle "कमले कमलोत्पत्तिः"
meaning lotus inside a lotus.

Kalidas was in love with a courtesan when he heard this he took the face of courtesan in his hands and blurted...

बाले तव मुखाम्भोजे कथमिन्दीवरद्वयं
कमले कमलोत्पत्तिः श्रूयते न तु दृश्यते |
meanning, O lady in your lotus like face i see two lotus like eyes
seldom do we get to see or hear, lotuses inside a lotus.

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