Saturday, July 08, 2006

vaishnav jan to

written by great saint from gujrat and popularized by Gandhiji
this bhajan is profound-simple-touching-deep and i fall short of adjectives
read the lyrics carefully to testify yourself

and here is the translation

He is a Vaishnava who feels for the suffering of another And forgets the good he does to another, never taking pride in it.
Who cares not for the praise and condemnation of the world nor himself indulges in it.
He is not attached to women and wealth; such a one is praiseworthy and a jewel to his family.

He is the same to all, is desireless and the women of others he considers like unto his mother.

He never speaks falsehood nor has he his eye on another one's wealth.

He is no slave of any passion or attachment, and the spirit of renunciation rules his mind.

His heart is fixed on the Lord, whom he is restless to meet, really his body is indeed a pilgrim's garb.

He is neither avaricious, nor vile nor a victim to wrath and desire.

Says Narsi, verily that such a person shall find release from the cycle of rebirth.

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