Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rafi song

most indian songs are stitched in the script and u invariably feel the discontinuity lurking and sometimes it irks of the remarkable ways in which this problem can be circumvented is by getting conversational songs

i have very few examples of such songs ...

here is one such cute song most of my choices this one too is an oldie ---a cute patch up song -- between two romantics; rafi starts in his trademark style and then lata as usual delivers perfectly, right after.

ah yes one recent song in this category was this song from Farhan Akhtars Lakshya
"Agar main kahaun mujhe tumse mohabbat hai --- to tum kya kahogi "
lyrics wise, its run of the mill, like most songs of Mr.Javed Akhtar --music wise minimal but non offesive :-) -- to the say the least :P but atlest it makes sense

it cud be nice you guys send me ur views on the comparison

notice how Lataji delivers last line ..
"hum tumhe maan gaye tum bade wo ho ha *pause * to "
with the pause adding an extra charma and sensitivity ..its called "yati" in chhanda or viraam also sometimes


MountCleverest said...

compare with what?
you just mentioned the last line of the old song ashu...
and i fail to recognize the song with just that line...

how abt giving the mukhda?
or have u left it to be guessed ;)

I said...

compare with the lakshya song
i mentioned
and other songs of this category

i hope you enjoyed the song :)