Sunday, January 03, 2010

Rudrashtak: Shivraj Shitole

I have been looking for some sweet rendition of this famous Shiva hymn by Tulasidas. The sanskrit text and trans. is already there on Stutimandal. Today I found a nice rendition of the same. Artist is Shivraj Shitole. He has sweet voice and apparently some connection with yogic tradition. Anyway, enjoy the music also sample the other number, Karpur Arti. Get back or comment on this blog if you know something more about him.

To listen click here.

here is Rudrashtak sung by Pt. Channulaal Mishra ji


Abhi said...

Please sing the whole bhajan: Karpur gauram in your own style like in Gurunath's videos.

We would love to hear you every morning! ...Please Shivraj.


Abhi said...

and yes, please upload it on Youtube, only then we all will know about it, and can enjoy it. I heard you sing 2 lines in Yogiraj's title video, and I just love it.


Anonymous said...

You buy it from or from just search shivraj shitole on it