Monday, December 14, 2009

Kaivalya Navaneeta: The Cream of Emancipation

Written by Tandavaraya Swami, this is a famous work in Tamil. Thanks Nari for transcribing it :).

Here are some snippets. Some lines have been emboldened by me.

--> The perfect enjoyer is he who partakes of anything that comes his way without discriminating, whether it be tasty or not, clean or unclean, healthy or unhealthy like a blazing fire consuming all that lies in its way.

--> Brahman is not an object of the senses nor of inference, and there is no second to it. It is beyond direct perception, inference or analogy. Also know that being free from attributes it cannot be expressed by words.

--> Q: When I dissociate myself from the five senses and look beyond there remains only a blank. I see nothing more than that.Am I to take this blank as the supreme experience of the self?

A: In the anecdote of the tenth man of deluded intellect, after counting only nine men and not recognizing himself as the tenth, was stupefied. Can such stupor be the tenth man! Good son! you are the seer of all.. The blank and the five sheaths!

--> Q: There cannot be any kind of experience in the absence of mind. if the mind persists how can they said to be liberated ?

A: The annihilation of mind is of two types namely of the mind patterns and of the mind itself..the former applies to liberated sages while the life the later to disemobdied sages. elimination of rajas and tamas leaving satva alone is the dissolution of the patterns of the mind. when the satva vanishes with the subtle body the mind itself is also said to have vanished too... In such a state the sage will partake of what comes unsolicited.... not thinking past or future, getting over their doership witnessing the mental modes and the three states, they can remain liberated.

If you always remain aware that 'I' am perfect Consciousness, what does it matter how much you think, or what you do? All this is unreal like dream visions after waking. I am all-Bliss!


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