Thursday, October 29, 2009

runu jhunu runu jhunu re bhramara - full text

here are the full lyrics of Sant Dnyneshwar's text which someone on RMIM pointed out to me.

रुणुझुणु रुणुझुणु रे भ्रमरा ।
सांडीं तूं अवगुणु रे भ्रमरा ॥१॥

चरणकमळदळू रे भ्रमरा ।
भोगीं तूं निश्चळु रे भ्रमरा ॥२॥

सुमनसुगंधु रे भ्रमरा ।
परिमळु विद्गदु रे भ्रमरा ॥३॥

सौभाग्यसुंदरू रे भ्रमरा ।
बाप रखुमादेविवरू रे भ्रमरा ॥४॥

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Parag said...

Here is my interpretation of this song. It is hard to understand everything from Dnyaneshwar's 12th century marathi but, here is what I understand. "Bhramara" means a beetle. Dyaneshwar is calling himself (or his mind) the beetle. "runujhunu" is the sound that beetle makes as it buzzes around.

saandi tu avagunu: lose all your bad habits/behaviors.

charankamaladalu: focus at the feet of God rather than fleeting around the world.

sumansugandhu: follow the scent of the flower to get you there.

saubhagyasundaru: when you find Vitthal-Rakhumai that is your good fortune and bliss.

Please let me know if you find a better translation/interpretation of this.

Sampada said...

Parag, what do you think "vidgadu" means? The youtube clips says "bliss" and HM says something different. The word sounds familiar, but I don't know.

SumanSpeaks said...

Please write the full song in English scripts for the non-Marathis.

Also if possible please give the meaning of the whole song.

Thanks and Happy "Ganesh Chathurthi" to all.....

sheets said...

This was so helpful parag... Thanks a lot :)