Saturday, October 24, 2009

OS Arun

OS Arun is new to my ears. He has a different style (much like KG) and when he sings a composition he renders it in his own style. Here is a sankirtan style chant from him "Naryan Hare".

Another beautiful Abhang by Sant Namdev sung by him.

I think I need to do a few posts on Maharashtra and its great tradition from gyaneshwar,namdev,tukaram to recent ones like swami akkalkot and shankar maharaj. Some other day perhaps.

Watch it till the end when the tempo paces up since these are sankirtan style renditions.


Rama Kadiyala said...

Ashu, It is a great blessing to have people like you. Your newest introduction to OS is simply superb. Thanks. I liked both of them.


I said...

No, No, No and No the blessing/pleasure/honor of knowing you is solely mine.!

Please also see his "ritu vasanta kokila" by OS Arun ji. Very well sung and hansadhwani comparison(carnatic/hindustani) by OS arunji.