Monday, December 15, 2008


Knowledge exists in relation to yourself. You know that you know. You experience knowledge.

In other words knowledge becomes an experience. Similarly no experience exists without knowledge of it. Knowledge and experience are one package.

Even about experiences you have no knowledge of, lets say, dying or I dont know, some sensory experience which you have never had before, you cant create that experience without knowing it. The moment it surfaces, the knowledge is there, that it is this, or it is not this. Every new experience then is brought into the domain of knowing or in other words naming.

Naming is fundamental to experience hence everything is related knowledge.

The precondition of all knowing and all experience is Self. The I AM.
This then brings us to the turning point, that is the fact you are, the “I AM” the fundamental knowing, which is your own self, is that also knowledge? Or is the “I am” experience? May be its both, You know that u are and you experience that you are. May be its too silly to talk about this.

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basker said...

There is a famous verse by Ramana Maharshi, perhaps you know it.

It is the invocatory verse of Ulladu Narpathu (Reality in Forty Verses)-

"If there were not being, could tere be any idea of being? Since that which is, is free from mental concepts and is within oneself, who is there to contemplate it? It is called the heart. Know that to remain within oneself as being is to contemplate it" (Translation by Arthur Osborne)

My own reading will be something like this:

"Is there any experience of presence in the absence of presence? Since that which is, is intuited to exist in the mind, who asks questions on the mind? To remain as you are, is true enquiry, understand this."

All the forty verses deal with experience and knowledge.

(This is a wonderful blog, by the way.)