Monday, December 08, 2008


Either you can be centered on universe(happenings) or you can be centered on Self.
If you are centered on Self, the universe can be seen, you experience that u
are experiencing; But the 'You" takes the center.

The Self is always calm, always same, always still.

If you are centered on universe, the Self gets lost, you become the experience,
you become the dry leaf which is vulnerable to vicissitude of ever changing ever-threatening-universe.

The universe(subdued self) is always restless, always changing, always dynamic.


Narendra said...

Chala baga cheppav..but is the one centered on self..always centered thr..? and if so is it effortless? or does it involves effort? and if it is with effort..wot is the origin of the effort..and if it is the effortlessness originless..? I know the questioner(same as question) has to be dropped or will be dropped ..but still for sake of curiosity..

I said...

I dont have answers to any questions , even these words of the post are just my conjectures :)

I can say from my experience, your questions have no answers, because they arent really questions,they are intellectual jugglery.

May these questions live long enough in you to suffocate you :)


Narendra said...

Most luckily the questions are not present even here also and they are jugglery ofcourse .. :)

Narendra said...
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