Monday, July 07, 2008


Q: What is a Spiritual Experience ?
A: there is no such thing as spiritual experience

Q: What do u mean, what do u mean, You mean all this false, all this i feel, I felt, all is this peace, and all this is what is going on in me, all this is false ?

A: No, I just mean that it is just another experience.

Q: What!! How can you say this?

A: It is a belief. The belief is based on knowledge that you have acquired, which is at the basis, of it being named spiritual or sensual or material. You have read few things and there is a tacit understanding that these things are sacred, pure and holy thats all. When some life experiences fit these knowledge categories you classify them as spiritual. You want to feel important and sacred and distinct thats why you attach this label spiritual experience.

Q: Well, but then every experience is classified or named, so knowledge and experience go hand in hand, dont they ?

A: Tell me the belief that something is spiritual or not, tell me the underlying belief that something is spiritual, is it spiritual ?

Q: No Its not, its a belief

A: Ok so the basis of spiritual and sacred beliefs, then is something which is non spiritual and non sacred, or for that matter just a normal belief, right ?

Q: Well that way everything is belief, and the basis of one belief is another belief, this foolish

A: well, the fact that you believe you are, tell me is the fact that you exist, You are, or I am, is it also not a belief ?
"If all beliefs are in me, am I too just a belief" ?

Q: Well then can you tell me who am i, is the I AM also a belief ?

A: and what do u expect, and if i answer this wont this be just another belief ?

Q: I think I got it , thanks

A: :-)

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