Sunday, September 17, 2006

ramana speaks-1

A Swami asked: I feel toothache. Is it only a thought?
M.: Yes.
D.: Why can I not think that there is no toothache and thus cure
M.: When engrossed in other thoughts one does not feel the toothache.
When one sleeps toothache is not felt.
D.: But toothache remains all the same.
M.: Such is the firm conviction of the reality of the world that it is
not easily shaken off. The world does not become, for that reason,
any more real than the individual himself.
D.: Now there is the Sino-Japanese war. If it is only in imagination,
can or will Sri Bhagavan imagine the contrary and put an end to
the war?
M.: The Bhagavan of the questioner is as much a thought as the Sino-
Japanese war. (Laughter.)

M: ramana maharishi

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