Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vedic Shakas patha recital

A beautiful beautiful video of different forms of vedic recitals(Shakhas literally branches) from all parts of India(TN,KL,UK,UP,RJ,KN,BI). It contains portions of all 4 vedas and some brahmanas (Shatapatha and Gargi IIRC). Samveda portions are really exhilarating. I only wish there was more ghanapatha but then I have some good ghanapatha recordings with me. One thing which struck me was the White Yajurveda in Tamil nadu. Thus far, I had the impression that Shukla yajur is only in north India but anyway it was nice to hear that too. Transported me back to my grandfathers reciting the Shruti. Enjoy.

Vedic recitation of various recensions of the Vedas from Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies on Vimeo.

If the embedded video doesnt work try here

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Good video. Thanks.