Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kabir on Guru

Kabir on guru(or sad gurus) , Channulal's voice.  "quick and dirty" lyrics and translation.

so guru satya kahawein
Regard such a guru to be a true one
koi nainan alakh lakhawein
who makes the eyes see the trasncental (alakh=a-lakshan)
dolat dige na bolat phisle, as upadesh dikhwaein 
whose teaching stays steady, in speech and action
jap tap jog kriya te nyara, sahaj samadhi sikhwaein 
 who teaches sahaj samadhi, which is beyond japa tapa and kriya
so guru satya kahawein 
Regard such a guru to be true(one)
kaya kasht bhooli nahi dewaein
One who doesnt prescribe mortification, or any physical discomfort. 
nahi sansar chudawain 
neither asks you to renounce the world
yeh man jaaye jahan tahan tahan
wherever the mind wanders
paramata darsawein
he makes you see the param-atma(beyond self/transcendental)
karma karien nishkarm rahein , kuch aise yukti batawein
One who teaches the art of inaction in action 
sada vilaas bhog mein jog jagawein 
in pleasure, enjoyment one who kindles yoga
bheetar bahar ek hi dekhein , dooja dristhi na aawein 
Who grants a non dual perception
kahe kabir koi sadguru aisa
aawagaman chudawein 
kabir says, such a sadhguru can deliver one from the cycle of rebirth


fertileeast said...

miracle of the net,surprised to be served with kabir words without having the impression to have done some wise manoeuver great early morning in paris shabdon comes as a message of great help in the ocean of parisian wordliness which tends to try to capsize own's boat mine is such a tiny little one feeling it could sink any minute grateful to all kabir bhaya

gunu kumar said...

i am so much impressed after seeing your gives us knowledge so i just wanna say its knowledgable.