Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ratan Mohan sharma and SHankar Mahadevan

I dont think much of Shankar Mahadevan. Barring a few songs like Man Udhan varyache(age bai agarcha) and his performances with Shakti-band, I have no great memories of him. So when I saw him teaming up with Pt. Ratan Mohan Sharma, one of the most acclaimed disciples of Pt. Jasraj(besides Pt. Sanjeev Abhayankar ofcourse) I was rather surprised.

They are singing a  Beautiful kritti - tarak brahma swarupini- a beautiful amalgamation of Hindustani/Carnatic sytles. The opening is heavenly too, very dhrupad style(to my ears that is!). Its so sweet and it moved me so much that if yours truly had any power I would confer the title of Pt./Vidwan on Shankar Mahadevan. Anyway, does he need any title after singing like that? :) :) :)

Absolutely thrilling, do watch and enjoy. Raag is Yaman(sakhi e ri aali piya bina), I could catch the pakad easily. Do comment if you know more about kritti or this program in general where was this telecast/when etc.

Part 1

Part 2

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