Saturday, May 15, 2010

Raghuwar tumko meri laaj - Ankahee

Only a genius like Pt. Jaidev can select another genius like Pt. Bhimsen and turn a tulasidas bhajan into a memorable movie song. So much so, that this movie, fetched the national award for best music in 1985. Look at how it is sung by Bhimsenji, this is supposed to be a Bhakti song, devotional, emotional and filled with pathos....right?. Instead he transforms it into a shastriya master piece, with his taans and gamaks! What to do ? Call a "Pandit" to sing it and he is gonna leave the indelible mark of his "Paanditya" on it, Simple :) 

Some time ago, I was trying to find this song online on youtube, since I couldnt find any, I decided to upload it myself on youtube. I sent mp3's to my friend and asked him to do it for me. Thanks Pradyu, you rock.

Btw this is from the movie Ankahee. It is an extraordinary movie. Movie depicts a confused Amol Palekar, unable to choose between his heart which wants his sweet-heart, and his head which brings him to make an unreasonable choice.

The other song is also my fav. :) Thumak Thumak pag kumad kunj mag, chapal charan hari aaye. Hear this carefully, and tell me can ANYONE sing this song now, apart from Bhimsenji himself? ANYONE?

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Shamit Bagchi said...

Thanks for posting the 'Thumak Thumak' - awesomeness!!