Friday, May 15, 2009


What is past? Is there is any past? All the discourse on the much abused term “present moment” aside, the truth is you touch life only through past. Imagine seeing a cup, how you do know it’s a cup ? You know it because you knew it. Even if the object is new you know it in relation to what you already know. So the new knowledge is constructed on old knowledge. If the old knowledge memories let us hypothesize cannot be accessed, the new knowledge cannot be created. So all that is past is nothing but a set of memories, which are accessed in the field of perception that what we call Now. So we know our now through the past. Through the conditioning that happened in the past.

Normally, it is not possible to perceive without bringing in your memories your conditioning i.e. your past. The question is, is it possible to be free of past. Is that perception possible, to look at a cup and never know it’s a cup? Perception which is freed from the slavery of knowledge, perception which is unburdened from the shackles of recognition, is such a perception possible?


bhaanu said...

Liberated is the mind from the shackles of the past, that sees the cup for the mud that it is. Who sees it and tells the world it indeed is a cup, but knows in his heart the cup is not a removed entity, like everything else in the universe, the cup itself is one with the self. In one's time here on earth, one has to live by the conventions of here, but who sees things for what they are for real, like a cup as mud, does not get attached, sees 'his past' as time spent on earth, does his work as a tribute to the supreme being, is eternally at peace with himself, is happy and powerful. How far along are ya with Vasishta Yoga?

I said...

Hi Bhanu ji,
thanks so much for comments.
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