Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nath Pavansut Keenhi jo karni and Mystical Ramayana

Reminds me of college days, I used to love this bhajan of Pt. ji, and would play it again and again.

May be a few words on Hanuman and his significance in Ramayana(Rama's march to victory-- the movement of awareness from Senses to Self)

When Rama(consciousness),experiences breath(vayu) with awareness, a deep unfolding of energy inside happens, which is also known as Prana, this is what texts call, vayu putra, or the evolution of breath, Hanumana. Just like a child birth, is produced an intense vibrating living energy, Prana, born to Vayu.

Naturally then Hanumana and Rama are inseparable, once hanumana has happened in Rama's life. Rama might live without Sita(स्थूल देह-body ) but not without Hanumana :)

Without Hanumana's presence Dashanana(10 indriya -- gyan+ karma, faculties of cognition and action) can not be won. Rama has to enter Lanka(Mooladhara -- compare with beejakshara of mooladhara -- लं ) and get his Body consciousness freed from senses for thats where, Sita is locked.

And the magic is even after subduing senses and winning over Ravana, the story is not complete, till Body goes through all the changes it has to go through(Tapa -- Agni Pariksha)

I will continue this Mystical Ramayana some other day:) May be weekend :) Or may be like many other resolutions, I will relax from this too :)

Jai Hanuman!

tulasi says, mangal murati maruti nandan, sakal amangal moola nikandan

When hanuman has happened then surely only mangal happens, and whatever happens then is mangal :)

Om Tat Sat

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