Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Candle Glows

You are the glow
who has set on fire,
the thread
running through this frame

The glow in this candle
of radiance and joy
is not coz its feasting on darkness
but because its burning itself out

This combustion is the tapasya
of this frame
As it rises as smoke
and dissolves in the void.

Some transformations
are the end of form
Some beginnings
are the end of endings.

Some lives are lived to live
Some lives are lived to die
Few, just to turn alive

Oh Life, How Long!


praney ! said...

Sunder blog, satvik vichar !

Though could not read much, enjoyed visiting, would be coming back.

Vikram said...

Wah wah... the Bhakta lives on despite himself ;^)

I said...

Praney: hello praney thanks for coming by

Vikram: Look who is here ! the master himself ! :)