Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Having seen Ganga in its mountain phase, in its enchanting rupaas and felt its energetic presence my loyalites had always been with Jhanavai until i went to Gujarat.The land of jai shri krishna. Soon stutimandal came into existence and a beautiful stuti was discovered. Yamunashtakam by Shankara. Who else!

A true poetic beauty made me wonder if I ignored the younger sister of Ganga.
Ganga and Yamnua both complement each other. Ganga, white & majestic, adorns the head of the Karpoor Gauram mostly calm and composed Shiva. Yamuna dark and playful no wonder, enjoys Krishnas company. If Yamuna is the Pingala Ganga would be the Ida of the annamaya kosha.

While ransacking youtube for audio of the amazing stuti.
I also found that lands of Cauvery, Krishna and Godavari also miss Yamuna !

Here is one gem by Ghantashala and one by Ilaiyaraaja.

The Ghantashala one is much more moving. And I should also not ignore my West Indian influence so enjoy this famous famous bhajan too by Oza ji.

To Ganga and Yamuna for gushing open the saraswati within :)

Quiz: guess the chhanda of Yamunashtakam :)


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