Friday, January 26, 2007


those looking for some internal guidance
can find this mantra powerful

Si Va Ya Na Ma
Ya Na Va Si Ma
Ma Va Ya Na Si
Si Ya Na Ma Va
Va Si Ma Ya Na


OMKARA said...

abe how do u get internal guidance from this thing?

astro said...

This is in the form on Ghanam rendering of " Om Sivaya Nama".

A person who can Ghanam render slokas is equivalent to a PhD or even more

I said...

oh you are absoultely right Mr astro!
infact ghanam path is a mathematical beauty in itself.

If i understand correctly there are very few shakas of vedic tradition and left even few pundits who can do the ghana patha :)

thanks for visiting :)

Would u like to read a book on mantra internals ?


Rama said...

Which book is that?

Anonymous said...