Saturday, August 05, 2006

akhilandeshwari --- akhilandeswari

Dikshitar has written amazing stutis in sanskrit.
my current favorite is akhilandeshwari .

a beautiful hymn dedicated to godess; it is titled akhilandeshwari.
this is in aggrement with the hindu beleif of creation.
Akhil= entire and= egg
those who are aware of the hiranya-garbh concept will draw a quick parellel between the two.

This self-fertility or homo-conception is not new to Indian minds.
Even in vishnu sahasranaam .... vishnu is addresses as vishwa yoni (meaning, one who has the world in his womb)

It must also be noted here that while Antrhopomorphic notions of God are prevalent in Indian scriptures, divnity is not striclty tied to His human form.
enjoy akhilandeshwari

it has been taken from a compilation of dikshitkar kritis by PP Narayanswami

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