Sunday, December 05, 2004

bend it like beckhem never did

Perhaps the most ubiquitous and tantalizing entity in this world is life, which incidentally is also is the most intriguing thing. Furthermore, it is omnipresent. From the vast expanses of space to the deepest, unfathomable oceans, it exists…forever. As Shakespeare held it, ‘Counter positives in turn give positives.’ every end is a new beginning. Likewise, one life gives rise to another life, thereby proclaiming the divine vision – a vision of eternity.
We are not prattling about the “divine” as understood by ‘Christians’, ‘Hindus’, ‘Moslems’ etc. We are talking about a divine who is green in trees, blue in sky, red in rose, colorless in water and hazel in your eyes. This divinity is ‘no where’ yet ‘now here’ i.e. it depends on your perspective. Our divine is natural & NOT supernatural and when you submerge yourself in the natural you enter the realm of supernatural; for whatever you call supernatural, finally has a natural manifestation & a natural meaning. What do you think? The most conspicuous materialization of this ‘supernatural’ or the ‘infinite’ is Man.
As the Vedas put it,
‘prakruti’ has only existence,
‘manushya’ has consciousness as well as existence, while
‘parmatma’ has consciousness, existence as well as bliss.
This is why we all strive to achieve the ‘Parmatma’. Yet, ‘however great God might be, he cannot be greater than you, for it’s your imagination that created Him’. So lets uncork your imagination & bottle your common sense, for to imagine the unimaginable is the zenith of imagination.
When asked to think of an Energy source, what comes to your mind in an instant? A battery? Or perhaps an internal combustion engine. Some of you may have drifted to the notions of water, fire, earth, air & sky as sources of energy. Is that all? There are sources beyond these – the Divinity & Man. What we are talking about is not completely insane. Can you walk up a wall? Why not? The laws of physics prevent you from doing so or do they? After all what we understand & fear to be true, we call theories & what we observe & neglect as it is beyond our explanation, we call Laws. In fact, Man is harder than iron, stronger than stone & more fragile than a rose. What we mean to say is that man himself creates limits for himself. It won’t take you much to think of someone who can calculate faster than a machine. How was it possible? Simply because they knew that man can never be second to any of his own creations. One day probably, a ‘man-like’ creature shall sit across a table with a human being & emote. Whatever happens, it shall never excel a man. Man is limitless while machines have limits. And, we claim here that the only limitless thing that a man can bring into being is … Another MAN. Do not all these demonstrate the presence of the divinity in Man? The powers are out there for the grabs…if only you dare to tread.
To sum it up we’d like to revert to a spiritual view… “The only important thing is to realize Divine Life and to help others realize it by manifesting it in everyday happenings. To penetrate into the essence of all being and significance and to release the fragrance of that inner attainment for the guidance and benefit of others -- by expressing, in the world of forms, truth, love, purity, and beauty -- this is the sole game that has intrinsic and absolute worth. All other happenings, incidents, and attainments in themselves can have no lasting importance.” – Meher Baba, Complete Discourses, page 200.
So, plunge into the divine, free your mind & break all the barriers.
Wishing you Bon Voyage,
With warm regards,
Ashutosh Ghildiyal & Parth Awasthi (II Year)


BoFi said...

I haven't yet read through the whole thing, only read the last post, but be assured that I will read the entire thing...
You embaress me by complimenting mine....
Lovely post:)

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